Cars Bikes and The Esplanade Hervey Bay

There’s no doubt that there are times when driving down The Esplanade … especially the very narrow parts of the Esplanade here in Hervey Bay … are a challenge.

Two cars passing down around the Surf Club are a tight squeeze when other cars are parked on both sides of the road. Change one of those cars to a bus and and there can be just millimetres to spare.

Now let’s add in the new one metre rule for passing bikes and things become even harder … and not just in front of the Surf Club.

Something certainly needs to be done about parking and traffic flows along the Esplanade and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Of course the Council won’t do anything unless enough people make a noise about the problem so it’s time to think about signing this online petition.

This is not about cars v bikes or how car drivers are impatient and inconsiderate and bike riders are a pain in the proverbial … so no comments along those lines will be published.

This is about getting Council to do something to save lives so please sign the petition.

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So How Did You Hear of Hervey Bay?

WarningFor the past couple of weeks that’s the question one local cafe owner has been asking visitors from¬† Europe who have been coming into his cafe and the answer in almost every case is the same.

“We didn’t know about this place till we got off the plane in Brisbane.”

Surely that says only one thing … Hervey Bay is missing out because most people already have their trips and itinerary planned before they get here. They don’t know about us as they plan their Australian holiday so they don’t come here.

Sure, there may be some marketing for Hervey Bay at Brisbane airport but that’s way too late for most people. We need to be doing more to reach out to the European market … and it wouldn’t take much to tap into that European market.

Here in Hervey Bay we already have a rich heritage of Danish settlement … so what are we doing to attract Danish tourists? The Danes are not poor and they do travel so why not encourage them to come here to enjoy the unique beauty of Hervey Bay?

Have we ever done anything to establish a sister city relationship with any comparable city in Denmark? Have we even bothered to do something as simple as take out some advertising in Danish newspapers?

Why aren’t we encouraging the French and the Germans to come here too? We have so much to offer them and yet we’re just not interested. We’d rather try and hitch a ride on the coattails of Brisbane, and other areas that are prepared to market themselves to the world.

We don’t have to spend large amounts of money …we don’t have to employ expensive marketing firms … we can start small and there are people here in town who have the ideas that will work. Unfortunately Council doesn’t seem to want to listen to them.

It’s all well and good for Council to have great plans for the development of Hervey Bay and Maryborough but if we don’t start doing a better job of promoting what we already have those plans probably won’t develop into anything more than another cloud of hot air!

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Hidden Businesses in Hervey Bay

Another Hervey Bay businessHervey Bay is an amazing place for tourists and everyone thinks of us as a tourist town but there’s a lot more to Hervey Bay than just tourism and some of the most innovative businesses here in town are not among the most obvious.

These businesses might not have a shopfront or an office. Clients and customers rarely if ever come to their door but those businesses are out there, taking their products to the world thanks to the Internet.

There are packaging designers … importers of everything from coffee machines to paper flowers … retailers and wholesalers who sell everything from computer mice to fishing tackle and cafe equipment … and even people who have designed, manufactured and now retail their own products.

The latest that we here at the Gossip have come across is an unassuming guy who, despite some debilitating injuries that now confine him to a wheelchair, has designed a simple tool that gives other wheelchair users the freedom to go fishing.

Robert Agius from Reel Keen has designed the Reel Keen Rod Holder … a tool that basically turns a wheelchair into a game chair in just a few minutes. A heavy baseplate uses a person’s weight to anchor the rod holder to their wheelchair and the rod holder then holds and supports a fishing rod.

Robert is now marketing the tool on his website and he’ll ship it anywhere in the world. So if you know someone who loves to fish but is restricted because they’re in a wheelchair then get them to have a look at the Reel Keen Rod Holder.


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More King Tides in Hervey Bay

The morning high tides, for the last couple of days here in Hervey Bay, have reached levels that put them into the king tide category. With the wind behind them we’ve seen them reach even higher levels than usual.

The open area adjacent to the Seafront Oval was inundated and there will be something akin to a lake there for several days to come. Down at Scarness the water reached the top of the rock wall behind the beach and at Shelly Beach some seawater managed to reach the roadway thanks to the access ramp at that location.

And of course down at Urangan bigger waves were coming over the seawall in several places.

These photos were taken just after the tide had peaked.

high tide in hervey bay

The beach at Scarness looking towards Pt Vernon

King tides in Hervey Bay

The beach at Scarness looking towards Urangan

Shelly Beach in Hervey Bay

Waves coming up the access ramp at Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach in Hervey Bay looking towards Urangan. The stormwater pipe is usually quite exposed ... even at high tide

Shelly Beach looking towards Urangan. The stormwater pipe is usually quite exposed … even at high tide

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Saving Hervey Bay Beaches

Saving Hervey Bay beachesThe Council is to start shifting sand from around Tooan Tooan Creek at Scarness down to the beach at Pialba today and here are some of the sand hills that have been built up ready to load onto trucks.

Over the last month or so most Hervey Bay beaches have been affected by strong winds and high tides but the beach from Aquavue down to the Surf Club at Pialba has received the most damage and the next big tide could really do some major damage to the foreshore.

At this time of year we often do get some big tides and towards the end of next week we can expect four consecutive days of high tides where the peak will reach or exceed four metres and that means more damage.

If nothing is done it’s quite likely that Aquavue, parts of the caravan park on the beachfront at Pialba and the Surf Club will receive considerable damage.

Unlike the last time Council moved sand from Scarness to Pialba the beach can no longer be used by trucks transporting the sand so over the next 10 days we can expect to see quite a few big trucks rumbling along the Esplanade.

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Cool Coffee in Hervey Bay?

cool coffee in Hervey Bay

Absolutely … and we’re not talking ‘cool’ as in ‘trendy’ … we’re talking about a new type of coffee … Cool Coffee.

It’s very refreshing and we like it … but just make sure you stir it before you drink it :)

You can try Cool Coffee at Deli Bay Cafe in Scarness.

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Is There Something the Bureau of Meteorology Isn’t Telling Us

The Gympie radar weather radar is finally back on line but maybe there’s something the BOM isn’t telling us about our weather :)


And just in case you were wondering – at the time it was a little overcast.

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Water Restrictions in Hervey Bay

water restrictions in Hervey BayDespite the fact that we haven’t had any decent rain in months not much has been said by Council or in the press about water restrictions in Hervey Bay. In fact you have to dig deep on the Wide Bay Water website to locate any mention of any restrictions on the use of water.

Despite the lack of publicity the fact is that there are water restrictions in Hervey Bay and despite Lenthals Dam being at around 67% capacity we are only on Level 1 water restrictions.

Under Level 1 water restrictions in Hervey Bay the following conditions apply:

  • All sprinklers, irrigation systems and soaker hoses are banned between 9am and 4pm.
  • Hosing of driveways and paved areas is banned at all times except when a water-efficient high-pressure cleaner (ie. gerni) is used.
  • All hand-held hoses in use must be fitted with a working trigger nozzle.
  • Flushing of boat motors by hose is allowed at any time.

Let’s hope that some decent rains come soon or we can expect Council to review the level of water restrictions.

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Beach Erosion in Hervey Bay


New Year is always the time for exceptionally high tides and this year is no different.

Since Friday the daytime high tides … coupled with the strong northerlies that have a feature of the past few weeks here in Hervey Bay … have been enough to cause some beach erosion and has pushed water onto The Esplanade in several places.

Currently most of the foot access points between Torquay and Urangan are closed due to a sharp drop in the level of the sand and at the peak of high tide water has been coming over the sea wall at Urangan as well as running up the access ramp at Shelly Beach.

At Shelly beach the water has come across the bike path and onto the roadway carrying some debris with it.

Of course what we’ve seen so far this year is a long way short of the debris and damage left behind by last year’s Australia Day storm.


Rubble at the base of the Shelly Beach access ramp

Beach erosion near the Maryborough Sailing Club

Beach erosion near the Maryborough Sailing Club

More beach erosion just beyond the Maryborough Sailing Club

More beach erosion just beyond the Maryborough Sailing Club

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High and Dry

The combination of strong northerly winds and New Moon high tides has not been kind to the beaches, businesses or others along the Hervey Bay foreshore over the last few days.

While some of the spots have seen beach erosion become even worse other spots such as the Pialba area have seen even more sand dumped by the incoming tides.

Late last week the Council had an excavator working at the mouth of Tooan Tooan Creek clearing sand to allow the creek to be flushed at high tide but most of the sand is now back and down at Shelley Beach the tide and winds brought in something quite different.

This catamaran had been anchored off the beach for some weeks but the combination of tide and strong wind was too much for the anchor and when the sun came up on Monday morning there was the vessel was high and dry on the rocks.

high and dry in Hervey Bay

While the vessel had obviously sustained some damage it had been removed by Monday afternoon.

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