High Rise Hell

Imported from 25 May 2005

Trouble continues to brew as more and more people become concerned about the possibility that Hervey Bay will soon begin to resemble the Gold Coast as high rise buildings spring up along the water front.

A recent meeting of concerned citizens failed to dispel the disquiet. Few people who attended the meeting actually heard any of the Council’s arguments because the Council organisers failed to provide any form of public address system.

This is not something that is likely to just fade away as there is a real concern among residents that the beauty and special appeal of Hervey Bay will be lost as developers are allowed to build taller and taller buildings.

A further public meeting was held last night, this time organised by concerned citizens, after unconfirmed reports began to surface that a Sydney developer wants to build a 12 storey block in Urangan.

The Council has denied that plans for such a building have been submitted to Council but locals are now becoming worried and want answers.

High rise on The Esplanade
One of the reasons residents are worried about future high rise developments in town. This piece of work is currently under construction on The Esplanade at Scarness and you can see how it dwarfs adjoining buildings.

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