Main Street Mess

Imported from 20 May 2005

You don’t have to be here in Hervey Bay for long before you realise that this is a town that is bursting at the seams. The effects of its incredible growth is impacting on everyone and at the moment none more so than the shopkeepers in Main Street Pialba between Boat Harbour Drive and Old Maryborough Road.

The work has been going on for quite some weeks now and obviously the Council has made some effort to minimise the impact on the businesses situated along this stretch of road but have they really done enough?

It is almost impossible to walk along that stretch of roadway and pedestrians are a rare breed at the moment. Earlier this week there was at least one set of shops, that included the pet shop and the computer store, that was almost impossible to access in any way. Not only was the roadway dug up but the footpath outside the shops was almost non-existent.

Other parts of the street are no better and despite Council attempts at providing off-street parking for the businesses you have to wonder how these businesses are surviving. Why would you go to any of these stores at the moment when there are similar businesses in other parts of the town?

Trying to drive down Main Street to reach one of the parking areas for these shops is a slow and time consuming exercise as the one lane of traffic that is allowed into the street is constantly halted by traffic controllers as earth moving equipment darts too and fro.

The pictures tell the story.

Main Street Hervey Bay
No sooner than you’re off the roundabout than you hit the first stop sign.

Main Street Hervey Bay
Halfway down the block and the next traffic controller stops the flow of traffic

Main Street Hervey Bay
How would you like to try and find your way into that computer store?

And the word on the street tells of businesses that are struggling to remain open as takings plummet. Of course everyone is going to fight hard to remain in business but the Council’s previous record at completing roadworks in that area within the stated time can’t be encouraging for the affected businesses.

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