The Draft Planning Scheme for Hervey Bay

Imported from 28 May 2005

This week the Council took out full page ads in a number of the local papers in an effort to inform people in this city of the facts regarding the draft planning scheme and the building heights that will be allowed once the scheme is passed.

A copy of the plan, including a number of maps,could be found on the Council’s Website at the time this piece was first written but they now seem to have been removed (edit on 20 Sept 2005)

The draft plan and the maps make for interesting reading and you really should take the time to read the information the Council has provided.

However, in short, an area along The Esplanade between Scarness and Torquay, and for several blocks back from the beach front will be available for developments up to a maximum height of 20 metres.

There are also several blocks in the Scarness and Torquay business districts where the maximum height for buildings can be up to 26 metres under certain conditions.

All other areas along The Esplanade are restricted and the allowable height for buildings is 8.5 metres.

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