The Jets Are Here and a Jet Boat is Coming to Hervey Bay

Imported from 30 July 2005

Yesterday was the day Hervey Bay ventured into the jet age. Until now Sunshine Coast Express and their faithful Short turbo props have been flying into town three to four times a day and they still do.

Yesterday though the big guys in the form of Virgin Blue and Jet Star arrived with direct flights from interstate. It seems that both planes were packed with tourists and that is great news for the town.

Well, it’s great news as long as you don’t live under the flight path. One resident who has that dubious pleasure described them as being ‘very loud’ but for others not directly under the flight path found them less noisey than the daily turbo prop flights.

Take off was so silent that even people who were listening for it failed to hear it and the flight path for departure yesterday must have been down towards Rivers Head because they didn’t come back over the hospital as they did on the way in.

So perhaps some people will have to suffer the noise for the greater good of the community but one has to wonder who has to suffer and why we have to suffer the infernal noise created by the jet boat that is coming to town.

And who granted a permit for such an inappropriate tourist attraction as a jet boat in the first place?

Sunshine Express plane coming into Hervey Bay
Sunshine Coast Express’ mid morning flight banks over Kawangan on it’s way into Hervey Bay

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