Development and Water Restrictions in Hervey Bay

What is the Hervey Bay City Council going to do?

It seems that the current water restrictions that are in force in Hervey Bay and the surge in developments have been on minds of a number of local residents lately.

Last night one local resident asked me why the Council are allowing the major developments to go ahead when we are obviously short of water. Of course we’ve had droughts in the past, and this one may break sooner rather than later, but now we’re facing dire warnings of more droughts that will last longer.

So why is the council not cutting back on these developments?

Then today Fred Chick, who lives in one of the drier parts of Hervey Bay, left this comment on a very old post that most people won’t see.

A suggestion for the council. One way to save our water level dropping any more, would be to suspend building more new houses and stop giving approval for big resorts and high rise buildings. This suspension would ease the supply until the infrastructure catches up with progress.

Let’s hope the Hervey Bay City Council is listening Fred because if they aren’t we could be in serious trouble in the years ahead.

4 thoughts on “Development and Water Restrictions in Hervey Bay”

  1. I constantly see postings in opposition to development in Hervey Bay but keep thought of the employment that has been created as a result of these developments. Peppers has employed over 25 people alone in housekeeping, these positions are excellent opportunities for parents as the hours fit the schools. Working in the employment industry I see first hand the positive side of development, it employs people which gives them more money to spend in the smaller local stores that need help. A note, these smaller stores don’t necessarily employ many locals. So lets stop whining about these so called problems and look at progressing.

  2. Jeremy thanks for your comment but really … I don’t see anyone whining here about development.

    What I do see are people who are genuinely concerned about the fact that we have all this development but we’re running out of water and if the development goes on we’re going to run out of water faster.

    One of the people who expressed some concerns to me is the manager of the biggest department store in Hervey Bay – he certainly is not against development and nor am I.

    We accept that this place needs development – but right now we have an infrastructure problem that won’t go away and will only get worse as more development goes ahead.

    And while we’re speaking plainly here – Peppers may do a lot of good for employment in this town – and for a lot of small business that you seem to dismiss as being of little consequence – if they ever get round to opening.

    And I can see where you come from so perhaps you might like to think about some development that this town needs desperately but doesn’t have and then perhaps you and your boss can whisper in a few ears.

    There’s nothing for tourists to do here other than go whale watching and trundle over to Fraser Island. I see their comments regularly Jeremy and if you want to see them just subscribe to Google Alerts for Fraser Island and Hervey Bay.

    If you do that you’ll see what people really think about Hervey Bay – it might open your eyes and you might wake up to the fact that not everone who raises concerns about this place is whinging.

    Finally Jeremy – are your comments the official policy of your employer or are they just your thoughts?

    I ask that because you’ve dissed every small business in town and we employ more people than just 25 house keepers.

  3. I agree that the developments are a good thing, but yes, the water in this town is going to go a lot quicker with all these houses all having 2 toilets, and 3 showers every day… and all the swimming pools..

    I hope that someone in the council is planning for the expected growth in terms of fresh water supply… I don’t want to be in the same situation Brisbane is.

  4. Thanks for your comment DH and you’re right, let’s hope someone in Council is planning for the growth.

    It might be nice if someone from Council came out and gave us some information instead of treating us like mushrooms.

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