Web Design for Small Business in Hervey Bay

I’ve just finished writing a small piece for another website on web design for small business and my partner suggested that I should post it here too. We’ve been involved in web design since 1996 and still operate a web design business here in Hervey Bay that specialises in work for small business. You can find us at Copy Text Online.

So here are five tips that we would give anyone who is looking to have a web site developed by a professional web designer. There are plenty of other things we could suggest but here are five fundamentals.

1. If he wants you to agree to a splash page full of Flash run away as fast as you can. Splash pages are so last year. Besides splash pages are slow to load, annoy the crap out of prospective clients, do nothing for search  optimisation and cost lots of money.

2. If he wants to include music run away almost as quickly as you would in point 1. Occasionally there is a good reason to have music on a web page but it’s rare and should never be played over and over again.

3. Ask your designer if he sees all surfers arriving at your site via the index page or arriving on your site via any of the pages on your site. If he tries to tell you that all your visitors will arrive via the index page find a new designer immediately. The one you’re talking to believes the earth is flat.

4. Ask you’re designer what he plans to do about search engine optimisation. If he tells you that it’s all about getting links or the only way to get traffic is by pay-per-click then you’re talking to another guy who believes the world is flat.

5. If your designer is going to arrange the purchase of your domain name make sure that it is registered in you’re name. Some designers will want to register it in their name and that means they have complete control over it. You might find that they never give it back to you.


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