Furniture in Hervey Bay

Yesterday she who must be obeyed decreed that we might spend some time looking at furniture … and so it came to pass.

But we didn’t just look at furniture stores in Hervey Bay … oh no … we took the short drive out to Torbanlea and discovered Widebay Import Clearance Warehouse in Robertson Street.

Seriously though, I have to tell you that if you’re looking for good quality furniture in Hervey Bay then take the drive out to Torbanlea – it is definitely well worth the trip and the savings that the guys out at Widebay Import Clearance Warehouse will surprise you.

Oh, I’m now told that we’re going back on the weekend because they’re expecting around 2000 imported garden pots to be delivered some time today and the boss has been told to expect big savings there as well.

I did hear that the last time Widebay Import Cleartance Warehouse got a delivery customers were parked in the street waiting for the container to be unloaded.

If you’re thinking of taking a drive out there just look for the signs – you can’t miss it (although we did on the first trip round the block:) )


3 thoughts on “Furniture in Hervey Bay”

  1. Thank for the Tip, I will take the time next week on my day’s off to have a look, I’ve not heard ot Widebay Import Clearance Warehouse before.
    See that is why I always read the Gossip, learn all sorts of interesting local information.

  2. As I said in the post, it’s not hard to find at all.

    Head up the road towards Howard and when you get to Torbanlea turn left over the railway line. Then turn left again, drive down past the pub and I think it was the last shop on the right hand side

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