Hervey Bay – Not the Only Place to See Whales

It’s so easy for us here in Hervey Bay to be fooled by our self-appointed title of ‘Whale Watching Capital of Australia’ and to think we will always have lots of people coming here to see whales.

The sad fact is that we’re not the only place in Australia can see whales up close and personal and lots of people think that there are better places than Hervey Bay. If you read this piece on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website you’ll see that we don’t get many mentions at all.

I think that it’s something we need to think seriously about because, apart from the whales and being an intermediate stop on the way to Fraser Island, we don’t really have much to attract the tourist dollar and that’s an important source of income for Hervey Bay.


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  1. In this posting you state “apart from being an intermediate stop….we don’t really have much to attract the tourist dollar.”

    However, in a previous posting, regarding backpackers and their lack of interest in Hervay Bay tourist activities, you argue that “if you are prepared to grab some brochures” there are numerous attractions for tourists in Hervey Bay.

    Thus I am somewhat confused.

    The messages you are communicating appear to contradict one another to some degree.

  2. G’day Dave – thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, at first glance it probably does look a little confusing but look at it this way; are people going to fly up from Sydney to go riding on a jet ski? Are people going to fly up from Sydney to sky diving or visit the local museum?

    Those are all things that will help keep tourists ‘busy’ while they’re here – but what else apart from the whales and perhaps Fraser Island have we got to pull the tourists in from those other places?

  3. OK now I can clearly see the point you are making. In regard to what will “pull interstate tourists,” that is a question for the marketing divison within the local and State Tourism organisations to consider.

    I guess the problem within any community is the disagreement associated with tourism develpment. Obviously some members support strong tourism growth, while other are opposed to the concept entirely.

    How long have you resided in Hervey Bay and what ideas, if any, do you have regarding tourism in the Bay?

  4. Dave – my partner and I have lived in the Bay now for nearly four years. We’ve certainly seen how Hervey Bay has changed even in that short time and it’s certainly not as attractive now as it was when we first moved here – but it’s still a great place to live.

    I can understand why people don’t want the Bay to change, I’m not sure that I really want to see it change much more either. But on the other hand I see that quite a few of the things that we take for granted – good shopping, some great restaurants, infrastructure that we might have grown to depend on may need a develping tourist industry to grow further.

    Businesses that don’t grow stagnate and stagnating businesses don’t continue to provide the level of service that we’ve become accustomed to.

    And as for your last question … well I just don’t know. We’ve never been involved in tourism and until just recently our business was focused entirely on overseas clients. Now that we’ve begun to look inward we’ve seen quite a few local small businesses who would love to have more tourists coming for something other than the just the whales.

    Too many businesses here in the Bay are living on a boom and bust cycle every year and that’s not good for them and it’s not ideal for the rest of the town either.

  5. If the news reports are anything to go by Hervey Bay is experiencing a construction and development boom.

    I guess with Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast becoming increasingly over-crowded, and expensive, Hervey Bay is the next town up the coast, and it is still a lot cheaper, so logically it will become bigger and more developed as well.

    I have heard rumours there is support for direct flights from Hervey Bay to Melbourne.

    At any rate, I know several people who have recently bought investment properties in the Bay, hoping that all the infrastructure, development and strong population growth will increase property values in the long term. I guess only time will tell.

  6. supply and demand.
    it won’t stop growing.

    hmmmmm, i come to hervey bay to rip around in my gt…. bugger the whales!!!!!

    ps, can you turn your heaters on please, as i’m coming back on friday, and the weather looks a tad on the cool side!!!!


  7. Bring your winter woolies mate – it’s brass monkey weather here at the moment.

    Even here in my office with two computers and four screens going all the time it’s rather chilly

  8. In response to Stuart who says that visitors choose to go to Hervey Bay as an intermediate stop for Fraser island I think you may be a little surprised if you actually ask people why they chose to visit the Bay. When I was in QLD last year I was in Brisbane choosing where to go next. Having picked up my Lonely Planet Australia guide I chose the Bay. I did not choose it as a result of its proximity to Fraser, in fact that thought never entered my head. I chose to visit the Bay as a result of the fantastic write up it gets in the travel guide. If I am honest it was a local hotelier that suggested we may wish to visit Fraser.

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