Things to do in Hervey Bay

A recurring theme I often see appearing around the Net is that backpackers find that there is nothing to do in Hervey Bay. I’ve never been quite sure where most of them got that idea from because there is plenty to do here in the Bay. Of course we could always have more things to do but we’re not really that short of things to entertain visitors.

That was confirmed for me yesterday when we put a visiting relative back on the plane. He’d arrived on Friday morning for a family get together and had managed to find the time to look around Hervey Bay while he was here.

His only complaint was that there was so much to do in Hervey Bay that he hadn’t been able to do everything in the few days that he was here. And just to drive home the point he listed around 10 different things that he wanted to do but had lacked the time.

So it seems that there really is plenty to do here in Hervey Bay if you’re prepared to get out and gather a few brochures and make a few enquiries.


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  1. I live in the UK and visited Hervey Bay for the first time last August. I have to say that I fell in love with the place almost straight away. For the time I spent there I found plenty to keep myself entertained. Whale watching, Fraser Island Tours, I even joined the RSL and went in there of an evening for the quality entertainment and to chat with the very friendly locals. I have to take issue with anybody, be they backpacker or otherwise, who says Hervey Bay has nothing to keep people entertained!

    Hervey Bay is a stunning place and I would like to congratulate the locals for keeping it that way!

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