The Last Fast Ferry to Fraser Island

Kingfisher Bay’s plans to cease operating a fast Cat service to Fraser Island comes to a head today with the very last fast service departing from Urangan at 10pm tonight.

 Kingfisher Bay Fast Cat

From tomorrow morning it’s the slow boat (barge) to Fraser Island and it will leave from River Heads. While the resort’s general manager for tours and marine … David Hay … is quoted as saying that operating from River Heads is “… very convenient” it may be less so for people from Hervey Bay who may wish to travel over to the resort just for the day.

2 thoughts on “The Last Fast Ferry to Fraser Island”

  1. I have no intimate knowledge of the situation, but I would suggest cost would be a large factor. Parking would be another, added to which the harbour is becomimg more conjested.

    The up side is the fact that it will give River Heads a much needed boost.

  2. Like Jon I have no intimate knowledge of why this decision was taken. I agree that it will be a boost for River Heads which is needed. I have always used the barge from River Heads when i have been over to Fraser for two reason. First I have always been taking a 4×4 over (which I assume isnt an option on the fast service?) and secondly I didnt know there was another option.
    In terms of day trips I don’t see it making a major difference. The barge doesnt Take too long inthe grand scheme of things and so long as you leave at a reasonable time in the morning and return on one of the latest barges then you get a good enough day.

    Having said that I do hope that if the removal of the fast service has a negative impact on trips to Fraser and subsequently some of the associated tourist industry the operators review the decision. (Might not be a popular comment with the greenies who want less tourism to Fraser but thats a whole other debate)

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