Road Conditions on the Fraser Coast

Back on December 29 … in the middle of all that rain … we had to take an unexpected trip from Hervey Bay to Ipswich and back. We knew that the highway was going to a bit of a mess but we weren’t expecting it to be quite as bad as what it was.

We encountered this sign just south of Maryborough

The other part of the sign read "... to Gympie" but that wasn't quite right.

The potholes certainly started just after we passed that sign but they almost disappeared once we crossed the boundary between the Fraser Coast Regional Council and Gympie Council and on the return journey all the potholes on the Gympie side of the border had been patched.

I guess that’s not surprising … we passed two patching crews in the Gympie part of the highway.

Sadly that wasn’t the case on the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s side of the border. On the return journey the potholes were worse and in one five kilometre stretch south of Tiaro we passed six cars pulled over on the side of the road so that the drivers could change tyres … some even had buckled rims.

Again I guess that’s not surprising … we didn’t see one patching crew at work on any of the roads we travelled over in the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s area.

These two photos are just a sample of the road conditions we encountered south of Maryborough and if the rain that the Bureau is forecasting comes … and you’re travelling down the Bruce Highway this weekend … we would suggest that you drive with care.

5 thoughts on “Road Conditions on the Fraser Coast”

  1. The Highway is the responsibility of the State government, so the Fraser Coast council cannot be blamed for not fixing this stretch of road. The Fraser Coast Regional Council have done a pretty good job in repairing the holes in our local roads given the adverse conditions of late. The repairs may only be temporary as I believe it is not possible to carry out more permanent
    solutions till the ground dries out.

  2. I have been following all the developments from the floods from here in the UK. The roads are obviously a concern as in an evacuation they are essential to safety so in these exceptional circumstances perhaps the FCRC and State Government should be working together on at least temporary solutions.

    Given the images we are seeing here in the UK and the weather forecasts I would like to take the opportunity to say all residents of QLD and especially Hervey Bay are in my thoughts at this time. Please stay safe and get through this terrible situation without harm.

  3. I travel the roads of South East Queensland alot due to the nature of my employment. The state of the Bruce Highway was a joke prior to all the rain and floods. I have travelled many highways in various countries and could confidently say that the Bruce Highway would rate as one of the worst. I would say it is a whole series of POTHOLES joined together by the odd patch of tar seal. I now prefer to travel a bit further on the other state roads to avoid the Bruce Highway wherever possible. I am sure all the roads will need some major maintainence in the next few months so we all need to slow down and drive to the conditions.

    Cheers Allan

  4. I suppose we all feel like this about the roads in the areas where we live. In the UK I seem to spend half my life complaining about pot holes, road works, closures, coned areas etc. Every time I travel in Australia I have used the Bruce, on occasion all the way up to Cape Trib (I know it changes name but essentially one road) and most recently in October last year just as far up as Hervey Bay. I have always found it to be well maintained in relation to roads here in the UK but I have come across some pretty nasty patches so I can certainly see Allan’s point.

    I actually found that the Maryborough – Urangan Road was by far the worst I travelled on in several years of visits to Australia. I bounced along that road in my rented Falcon whilst wishing I had gone for the 4×4 I was offered whilst at the airport!

    I sympathise with the councils, state government and the road workers, especially after the weather you have had over there. They are certainly going to have their work cut out getting the region back up to standard!

  5. I travel from Brisbane to Tiaro on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.
    I have done so for 25 years as I own property in Tiaro but live in Brisbane.
    It has ALWAYS been the case that the Bruce Highway is it’s worst from Curra to Maryborough.
    Regardless of the floods encountered across the highway in and around Gympie, their section is, to this day (24 Janaury), superior to the section between Curra and Maryborough.
    Quite simply the amalgamation, presided over by Andrew Brien, has been a benefit ONLY for Hervey Bay. All other areas have, quite simply, been forgotten.
    Now Andrew Brien has been given an opportunity to do the same for Bunbury in Western Australia.
    He’s off in April, so if anyone wants to corner him and hit him up for some good will road works you better act fast.
    Otherwise maybe leave him a steaming note via the Bunbury newspaper!

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