Hervey Bay Tourist Attraction to Close

I must admit that my memory is a little vague here but wasn’t our much vaunted Water Park – that attraction at the bottom of Main Street that draws lots of people – supposed to be a major tourist attraction for Hervey Bay?

I guess tourism isn’t that important to us any more … either that or the Water Park wasn’t such a tourist attraction after all … because according Wide Bay Water, the body that runs the Water Park, they will soon begins closing it on weekdays and only opening it on weekends.

Maybe Wide Bay Water thinks that tourists only come to Hervey Bay on weekends during the off-season.

Hervey Bay water park to close on week days

The announcement that the park is going to spend most of its time closed till next summer has already had some impact. The kiosk/cafe closed on Tuesday when the current operator decided that there was no point continuing in business at that location if the park was going to be closed.

Wide Bay Water’s decision to close the park is rather sad really. Hervey Bay needs all the open and operating tourist attractions it can get.

Earlier this evening I had some discussions with Ms Maynes from Wide Bay Water and I urged them to join the conversation and post a response in the comments section. I’m pleased to say that they have done that and I urge you to read the comment section to see what the real position is going to be with the Water Park over the coming months.

In case you don’t see the comments as you read this in the general section of the Gossip this link will open the original post and the comments too.

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  1. Two different sources – one of whom is close to the kiosk operator.

    I’ve been told is that Wide Bay Water is not going to roster anyone on to man the Water Park during the week in the off-peak season so it will just sit there with nothing happening.


  2. So, not the actual kiosk operator, and not “according to Wide Bay Water” as said in the article? So maybe it isn’t going to close at all?
    Gossip at it’s best.

  3. There has been no announcement from Wide Bay Water re the claims asserted in “Hervey Bay Tourist Attraction to Close”.

    Please see the opening times via http://www.wetside.com.au which show that WetSide Water Education Park will be operating as per the following during February and March:

    Monday & Tuesday CLOSED
    Wednesday & Thursday 12pm – 5pm
    Friday 12pm – end of show
    Saturday 10am – end of show [Light Shows 30mins after sunset]
    Sunday 10am – 5pm

    As a general rule, WetSide will have longer opening hours during periods of high demand (school holidays and warm months) and shorter opening hours when demand is low (winter months).

    Wide Bay Water is still to finalise the winter opening hours and will publicise them in due course.

    The party who has been operating the cafe and restaurant over recent months chose for their own commercial reasons to vacate the site at short notice on Monday of this week and that is a matter solely between them and the estate of the late proprietor George Kotis.

    Kind regards,

    Christina Maynes | Communications Manager
    Corporate Services
    Wide Bay Water Corporation
    29-31 Ellengowan St, Hervey Bay Qld 4655
    T: 1300 808 888

  4. Can we look after the locals more PLEASE! There are plenty of parents in Hervey bay that take their pre-school age children during the week. Some of us work and get their “weekend” during the week, on the days the park is closed. Living in Queensland we are amoung more positve things (I love QLD) the “cancer capital” of Australia; if this water park is truly “educational” why is it closed before 10am when the UV rating is lower???? I have met many parents that teach their kids “slip, slop’ slap” why cant the water park have a sun safe policy too?!?!? If this park was really part of the Fraser Coast, why is it that Wide Bay Water call all the shots?? If there is a problem with paying people to attend the park why is it any other non-water park is unattended? For arguments sake there are plenty of dangers in our regular parks and no one to attend them.. If this park is part of the Fraser Coast why arn’t my water rates and council rates covering more staff (since they insist on having it staffed)?? “please explain”. thanks. LocalParent

  5. Wendy F.
    Did you forget you live in a very small town still and it doesnt take long for a disgruntaled employe to open there mouth?

  6. Obviously the park is closed because… Its freezing. If people went during the week, it would stay open. Otherwise the operating costs would be throwing money down the drain. HB is lucky to even have a park the way the economy is. Too bad Wide Bay Water dont manage the council as well.

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