The Whales Have Arrived in Hervey Bay

The first whales of the season have arrived in Hervey Bay.

Quick Cat II spotted a pod of whales further up the bay earlier this morning and there’s sure to be more coming in for a a well-earned rest before they head south.

With whales this early in the season it looks as though we’re in for another great season so if you’re looking for the best whale watching experience on the east coast come on up to Hervey Bay and get close to some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

3 thoughts on “The Whales Have Arrived in Hervey Bay”

  1. Hi just for the record it was Jason from Whalesong Cruises that found the first pod of whales on Saturday.

  2. Pregnant female spotted in the Bay yesterday – days from calving! Not even August yet and there have been happy visitors seeing whales daily for the last 2 weeks! It is going to be an awesome season!!

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