Are Tourist Numbers up in Hervey Bay

Fishing off the beach in Hervey Bay
If you’ve driven along the Esplanade lately you could be forgiven for thinking that tourist numbers are up in Hervey Bay compared to this time last year.

The caravan parks along the Esplanade are nearly full … there are some ‘No Vacancy’ signs appearing from time to time … and there are even some backpackers to be seen wandering around the shops at Torquay. But is all that just our imagination … maybe some wishful thinking?

Evidently not because places like the Emeraldene Inn & Eco-Lodge and the Shelly Bay Resort are all seeing an increase on bookings compared to the last two years.

That’s really encouraging because Hervey Bay is seeing more competition than ever from other whale watching centres. And while that competition may be increasing we’ve seen some new branding and marketing campaigns launched to get the Hervey Bay name out there to the people who want to get close to the whales.

Lets hope that those marketing campaigns go beyond the whales so that tourists understand that this is a great tourist spot at any time of the year.

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  1. Yeah… except that the residents of those caravan parks won’t be coming back in future years due to the partying in the adjoining park at torquay… And the need to move threatening teenagers on who jump the fence and threaten patrons….. which is a nightly occurrence.

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