The Cost of Doing Business in Hervey Bay

Yesterday we had an interesting chat with one of the owners of a rather successful small business here in Hervey Bay.

He and his wife came to Hervey Bay and started their business from scratch and after a lot of hard work it has grown to the point where they are looking for new premises so that they can grow even more.

To their horror they have found that the cheapest industrial premises they can rent in Hervey Bay that will suit their business will cost them $1200 a week … and that’s just for the empty building.

So they’ve been looking outside of the region and they’ve found another suitable building on the Gold Coast for $400.00 a week … and that includes most of the fittings they will need for their business.

It seems that they won’t be in Hervey Bay much longer and it makes you wonder just how many other small businesses Hervey Bay is missing out on because of the high rents that landlords and agents seem to think that businesses can afford to pay here in town.

6 thoughts on “The Cost of Doing Business in Hervey Bay”

  1. Once again look to our Council for the reasons for this. No-one is building commercial or, even more so, industrial premises’ because of the high costs and delays imposed by the guardians of our economic welfare. It is not only the charges but also the onerous and costly conditions they impose on any new buildings that have caused those with money to invest to look elsewhere.

    Even Council’s own industrial estates are showing no signs of growth and one would think that they would be very easy places to get development approval for. But no, they are just as difficult and costly as elsewhere.

    And they wonder why we are so poor. But there is a better way and we can do it if we wish.

  2. I agree with Jim. Council have done a lot of damage to FC. HB is definately on its last legs. In another year, there will just be tumbleweeds blowing down the street. Land is worth half of what it was, there is hardly any trade work, there are empty shops and offices everywhere and even our tourism dollar is non-existent. Its very worrying.

  3. Tim & Jim,

    Our current council is only part of the problem, past councils also have had input to the current situation. As have the ratepayers who have elected mates,
    not good councillors.

    In the good times people were happy to sit on their bots and watch the world go by. Now we are all going to have to catch up, hurts doesn’t it?

    Airpot upgrade, airport industrial estate, organic foods, why go on. Past councils have wasted our money and our future and YOU let them. So don’t whinge it’s child like.

  4. I have to agree with the above posters. Hervey Bay is rather like an once-attractive girl who turned away all potential suitors, only to now find herself past her prime and no longer wanted by those who once knew her.

    It is easy to blame the Council, the government, anyone really. But the fact is that Council obstructionism was very popular with the locals. If you wanted to know the meaning of the phrase “boomgate mentality” then you needn’t have looked any further than Hervey Bay.

    I have had two developer clients say they intended to refocus on other LGAs that in recent years have substantially reduced head works charges in order to entice developers back. There are still a few things in the pipe that are happening in the bay but I can’t see them lasting any more than a couple of years.

  5. I move to Hervey Bay from Brisbane in the hope of a better life but it was a big mistake. Our business was not well suported so we had to sell at a loss. The rates are a joke up here even on a piece of land I own. The unemployment is the highest in Australia, there is no industry here for workers. There must be a way to sort this place out.

  6. It seems to me that more and more people in the Bay are having to leave the area to follow work. Perhaps things like this are part of the reason why. This sort of thing does not help the area grow in the right direction.

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