A Winter’s Sunday in Hervey Bay

Last Sunday was one of those perfect winter days that you grow to expect in places like Hervey Bay. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the fish were out there in the Bay and you just had to get out there and enjoy it.

We took our camera’s on a stroll down from Shelly Beach to the Urangan Pier and joined all the others who were out and about on such a great day.

Hopefully these photos will show you why we think that Hervey Bay is THE place to live.

1 thought on “A Winter’s Sunday in Hervey Bay”

  1. I fully agree. Hervey Bay is the place ….

    But if you want to see Fraser Island from there, then you have to leave from River Heads which is a sleepy fishing village, it’s pretty, but there is no infrastructure at all.

    Last time we left the Marina in Hervey Bay where there is shops and the beautiful Boat Club, oh, and a free car park.

    This time we left from River Heads where there isn’t even a chair to sit on, there is no jetty, no nothing and the only set of small shops is a decent walk away along a pitifully skinny dangerous road. Also, there is a charge for parking.

    If this is Hervey Bay’s idea of “the gateway to Fraser Island” then they should think again.

    Why does the traffic now have to leave from River Heads?
    I can only think that it is a money thing.

    Is King Fisher Resort and Hervey Bay Council that poor ????

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