Comings and Goings in Hervey Bay

It’s been something of a tough year for business in Hervey Bay and over the last couple of months we’ve seen quite close down … but at the same time there have been some who are willing to take a chance and build a business in this great town.

So let’s have a look at some that have left Hervey Bay and some that have arrived or are in the process of arriving.

If you’re a foodie then you may already know that Dom’s Cantina on the Esplanade has closed as has his other restaurant … the Wheelhouse … down at the marina. It was definitely sad to see Dom go and we wish him well with his new venture in Melbourne.

While Dom’s departure was fairly public with garage sales at both venues the closing of another restaurant here in Hervey Bay happened much more quietly. We lost one of the best chef’s in town when the owner of Smoked Pepper decided to close and move to Qatar.

While we have lost a few cafes/restaurants we have also gained one or two. Hog’s Breath has opened behind Pizza Hut/KFC and down at the Wetside end of the Esplanade at Scarness … next to the Indian restaurant we now have Cobbers Cove Café.

We also have a new café down at Wetside … Whale Tale opened a month or two ago and we would certainly recommend it for breakfast. Sadly early mornings are about the only time you can get parking anywhere near the café.

Other businesses to have moved on include Metaland … on Boat Harbour Drive … and Scrappers Haven in Liuzzi Street.

Danny the hairdresser on the Esplanade at Scarness has also moved on. He decided that it was time to retire and he’s now living the life of a Gray Nomad while a new owner continues to operate from Danny’s old shop.

And coming to Hervey Bay soon is a new Woolworths/Caltex service station down on Boat Harbour Drive between Pialba and Eli Waters.

The servo is currently in the early stages of construction but it shouldn’t be long before we have another servo in town that offers fuel discounts to people that shop at Woolworths.

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  1. I like to eat out and often do, but this town has got quantity and quality mixed up! We have had too many cafe’s and restaurants doing the same old thing. Giant meals often wasted and poor, very poor service.

    For the food industry to grow in this town and attract new and returm custom, we need clean fresh ideas and good service.

  2. It is so sad to see these businesses close down and there are many more, who have or are thinking of calling it a day as it becomes too hard for small busuness to survive. Other examples are Brumby’s at Stockland, Mind Games, World bazaar, to name a few. There are so many who are just hanging in to see how it goes and we wish them well. The arrival od the new servo should not be heralded as a good thing as it will be the final nail in the coffin for small businesses just as Dan Murphy has almost killed the pubs and small bottleshops. Hervey Bay is bleeding to death, we are not attracting tourists or back packers like we used to and the tourist agencies don’t seem to see that. The people in charge need to look at what the region has to offer and start promoting itvigorously across the country and world. We can’t rely on the whales or backpackers any more, those days are gone. there are so many other opportunities to attract tourists, but is all appears to hard for the likes of Damian Massingham and Anne Niaoh , etc in their cushy jobs. Lets promote Hervey Bay as a family friendly, affordable location for a short break or holiday at any time of the year and show our best assets such as safe beaches, afordable accommodation, great countryside, etc. We don’t need huge resorts (apartments blocks) on the Esplanade, any resort developer with half a brain would develop a proper resort which can provide a holiday for a family where they can spend most of their time in the resort having fun in the pool, playing golf, sailing boats, and many other forms of entertainment which does not cost extra. The old tyle holiday camp concept is not a bad idea there. The tourist industry here needs to start looking outside the box and offer something different. It is not up to council to do this, but they could help, but maybe we can turn things around with a bit of lateral thinking.

  3. We haven’t heard anything but by the looks of what is stacked in there you would have to be thinking that maybe there’s a small supermarket on the way.

    I do know that there are some vague plans for a continental deli to open up in that area but I don’t think the guy who is working on that plan is thinking of anything quite so big as what is going into the old carpet shop.


  4. Well, we’ve just moved here from southern NSW. We visited the area, and saw that there is a huge opportunity and recognised that the market/local industry is on the down side of the graph – with that in mind, we decided that it may be a good time to take advantage of that.

    So, packing up, moving, starting over – that’s us. I am a massage therapist, and I intend to open a new practice. My husband is a detailed joiner who is looking at doing kitchen makeovers (bench top replacements, etc).

    Meeting new people – that’s been the hardest thing. Finding work – that’s been interesting to say the least.

    We believe that there are opportunities here – how can a place as big as Hervey Bay be sustainable? How can industry encourage growth? I’ll tell you how:: by supporting small local businesses, by conscientiously purchasing not from the major chains, but by supporting small businesses. Yes, I recognise that the major chains employ a lot of people – but where does the money (profits) go? does it go back into the community supporting other small businesses?

    So, question: how do we stimulate our own local economy? perhaps it can be done by starting with the small things, at the bottom of the ladder and working up toward bigger things.

    Another question: why are there so many little markets running locally? why isn’t there a major market run? Taking Eumundi for example, even on a Wednesday, off peak, its busy!! and the tourists love it

    I’ve been to the markets here – sadly, they are a let down… the concepts are there (Friday night twilight markets for example)… the idea of a twilight market is great – but why aren’t there more stallholders???

  5. Why aren’t there more stallholders?

    That’s a simple matter of economics … we have a relatively small population here in Hervey Bay and we don’t have a big geographical area to draw in more potential buyers. And the area we can draw from has one of the lowest levels of income per head in Australia.

    There’s no point taking your wares to a market … spending money to hire the space to set up your stall … and stand there for hours at a time if you’re not going to even make enough to cover your expenses.


  6. We recently moved here from Gladstone region & was disgusted in the council fee we were charged ‘new owner transfer fee’ never before have we been hit with such a silly charge from council, and then theres the over charging for rubbish collection & general rates.. We did hear some negative things about Hervey Bay council from quite a few small business owners who claim the council are making things harder for small business, and are money hungry, running the region into the ground. Sad to see really, such a lovely place with so much potential. The council can & should help local business, isnt that what they are there for?

  7. Sorry Anonymous, but no, council is not there to “help local business”, council
    is elected to provide the best service possible for all ratepayers.

    If any thing, this council has spent too much time and our money trying to please local business and developers.

  8. Foodworks is going into the carpet shop… and yes jb hifi is coming, they’re advertising jobs on all the jobsearch websites… not sure where though,maybe in where world bazaar is? Or maybe where clive peters was? Spotlight is going in around there also… very exciting few months head 🙂

  9. We have moved here recently also and couldn’t believe the new home owner transfer fee. I questioned it as we have never been charged one before either and was told it’s set by the State Govt. How can it be when we have never had one with previous properties? The fee is $100, money grabbing i say.

  10. hi, would someone like to explain to the public, WHY? is their a new market starting at the pier. yes a great cause but, but, but, all this has done is bring about upset for some as it has now caused a huge division beteen many marketers. as for the twilight markets, well we are not a big big city. and from one of the comments, we are a poor town , wrong again.
    people are spending. but are very choosy as to what their spending it on.
    if your a marketer and you think its going to get better for you at the new urangan pier market, your wrong again. if the business their are suffering and hello, they are suffering all over hervey bay, and in all other areas as well. how ever thinks that starting a new market at the pier is going to help it wont. i guess thats what they teach at business school. if your a marketer making your own items that takes hours, them that is what its about, if you are pressing a button and placing an order on your comp, than your wasting your time, efforts, and money,as the public can go to any shop and buy what you have just ordered so, now weve covered that.
    as for the business, i am sorry that you and others are doing it hard, and yes yous are doing your very best.
    long gone are the days, sadly due to the press of a button, or other things maybe no one can ask you to hang in their untill it improves as every one of you have to live.
    people are only buying what they really really need, as for marketers, if your going out their to make a quick dollar or two, than think again.
    time and time again, you see them come you see them go.
    how many times do marketers have to be told, its not about the dollar figure at a maret at no market. its about getting together with others like yourself like you would in a club for a social day out.
    their is no money at markets or no marketers have money, they do in fact find it hard to pay the site fees for the differant markets they attend.
    this is where the community comes in and helps support the marketers, the ones they do support make their own items, and yes your their for hours and lots of them show you how they make theirs on sites or explain some of what they do as a marketer.
    these people are their to show their support to the community, and to help with fund raising missions, they do not leave with any proffit, as they sell back to the public at cost to cover the materials they use to make it.
    this need to flow threw to others, and the reason for a marketer being at a market.
    some may go to the pitures each week, some may play sport each week, some people knit a lot, some paint a lot, some others go fishing a lot, it all costs no matter what you do, some do markets as they dont do any of the other, and its a hobby just as any thing else is.
    people love to go out to markets and see how beautiful the hobby is that the marketer may have.
    as for a press of a button.
    that is what is spoiling it for the hand made and for business, and every one needs to sit down, stop with more markets , yes our youth needs help, yes our old age needs help, yes our young familys need help, and we have our homeless that need help.
    every one needs help in some way. a new market is by no means the way to go about it.
    from janna

  11. hi to all, just over one year ago, i suggested to the mayor, and mr dixon that a shop come drop in centre at pialba be opened for the youth of the bay.
    with a games room, a pool table, with a assortment of books for reading, a table tennis, an area for dvd entainment. an area for jamming sessions. that it be open 24 hours a day. with a few day beds as well. all this in sections, in the centre of the building be security viewing of all areas, maned 24 hours a day, cold drinks of juice or coridal, no engery drinks, small snacks, biscutes, teas and coffies, just a few general snacks, moneys raised from the snacks go back to the running costs of this, to start council would have to put some money up frount and supply the building, a request would have gone out for any donations towards these items so business could have supplied these. if they were able to help. public if they could help, pubs if they had a pool table no longer required, chairs tables, snacks, what ever we could get.
    and rent free for a certain time from council, to me and others thats a much better idea than a new market, it gets our youth off the streets at night, it helps them interact with others, day or night, if they need to get out of home for a few hours, they know where to go and get some time out. and youth helping youth, but supervised by a adult.
    items being purchased for the drinks and small snacks helps business localy,
    all this helps our youth, each youth is entilted to a number of vouchers, each fornight, and after they have used their vouchers for the use of any of these items, they then pay a very small cost.
    even if it was all totaly free to use, better still, as they dont have any money either.
    money wisely spent i would say, and i think something out public and community would be please about. ny thing that helps get the youth off the streets is good,
    one of the markets that is up and running could have very easily set some fund raising help in place towards the running costs im sure.
    I ASK COUNCIL TO VIEW SUCH A MISSION, time for an urgent meeting, im sure that their are a few their that like this idea, it could be up and running by xmas day, many hands make for ligh work, im sure the town would pull together for this one.
    as its a great mission for hervey bay to take on, our youth are our future, but another market will not be the solver of the problem, give our youth a hand up, and give them a building and every thing their they need,
    a new market does not do it, from janna sparkle

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