A New Cafe in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay's newest cafe - the Bay Bar and GrillIf you’re looking for somewhere a little different to eat out this weekend … or any week night for that matter … then have a look at Hervey Bay’s newest eatery … the Bay Bar and Grill down on the Esplanade at Scarness.

It’s only been open for three nights and things are a little quiet at the moment so you won’t have to book in advance.

We dined there last night and it’s definitely a place that we’ll be going back to … and taking a few friends. The menu isn’t extensive but there’s something for everyone and the prices for food, wine and spirits is quite reasonable -we can happily recommend the chicken or the Bug.

The service was bright and cheerful too.

The Bay Bar and Grill is open from 5pm till late 7 days a week and this weekend (18-19 February) they’ll also be open for breakfast.


3 thoughts on “A New Cafe in Hervey Bay”

  1. Another place to eat, just what Hervey Bay needs. There are more coffee shops and Cafes than you can count in this town. The tourists are not comming here anymore and people cant find work so who will go to these places. Would not be suprised if it closed down within a year.

  2. @Peter,
    Good to see what I have come to call ‘The Hervey Bay Community spirit’

    Instead of whinging, maybe go there (or at least stop into the Foodworks next door and grab a roll of masking tape and liberally apply across your mouth.

    ..and just a heads up, yeah – tourists might not be heading here (with such warm and welcoming people like your dear self – I wonder why they aren’t arriving in flocks?) but there are 20000 new people on our electoral rolls 20 THOUSAND!

    Maybe we should create new job opportunities for them – or are you against that too?

  3. Peter has hit the nail on the head, sadley , Leaveitatthefrontdoor you need not to let your emotions cloud your view of this town, sometimes the true can hurt, but the business and people in this town need a good shake up, for every one nice person I’ve meet there are five rude and arrogant person to match. And to be able to say we should create new job opportunities, you first need to have a demand for something, other wise your sending out false hope to these people, especial if the business failed within a year of opening. Some of the problems with hervey bay is it was aloud to grow to quickly for what it has to offer, now it pay’s the price. It will be a long time and need people who know what there doing in business to bring this town back to what it was before they aloud developers, people who thought they could make a quick buck out of the tourist industry and just buggered it up. It’s sad to see Hervey Bay in this way, it was once a beautiful friendly town that offered a simple, in a good way, holiday for families, I have some wonderful memories.

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