All the Way From Russia

Hervey Bay certainly attracts some interesting motor vehicles and soon or later they all seem to show up down on the Esplanade.

That’s where Rhino Tours came across this Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle down on the Esplanade yesterday.

Russian Ural sidecar motorcycle

While Urals are sold here in Australia (there are two dealers in Queensland) you don’t see them very often perhaps because they don’t quite fit the image that most people have when they think motorcycle and sidecars on motorcycles aren’t as popular as they once were.

You will find more information about Ural sidecar motorcycles here.

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  1. hello there, amazing to see this while browsing the internet looking at Urals… we are from HB, and now live in the Philippines, was wanting to sell my 1984 BMW r650LS,which is still registered and kept in M’boro.- or trade for a Ural . good to see the Bay is still goin..

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