The Super Boats Have Come to Hervey Bay …

… and most of Hervey Bay seemed to be down on the Esplanade to watch today’s practice session.

The foreshores were packed with people and around Enzo’s was a particularly popular spot.

Hervey Bay


The Scarness pier was packed … not all that long before this photo was taken there were just a couple of kids fishing from the pier and a couple of tourists.

Hervey Bay

And the traffic along the Esplanade was heavy too … this slow moving line of cars started back at the Main Street roundabout.

Hervey Bay Super Boats

If you’re coming down for the racing tomorrow come early and bring some binoculars … that white dot on the horizon in the second photo is one of the Super Boats moving away from Scarness.

1 thought on “The Super Boats Have Come to Hervey Bay …

  1. hi the super boats will be back, im told so if you didnt like the spot you were in to view them this time, when they come back try torquay, as our forshore was great viewing, we had people all along torquay beach frount, and one of the best things was it wasnt just about the supr boats, torquay market did do a extra market to help keep the vistors happy with lots of the very best hand made arts and crafts , we had give aways for our beautiful vistors and entertainment, and lots of smiles for all. they loved every moment of it, and many said they would be back for the next and looked forward to visiting our torquay markets again, so its all great news, about torquay markets we are a huge hit with every one.
    keep smiling love from janna

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