Citroen 2CVs Visit Hervey Bay

The Queensland 2CV Club visited Hervey Bay last weekend and for a while there were some rather quirky French vehicles appearing on our streets.

The Citroen 2CV first appeared back in 1939 and after WWII production continued right through until 1988.

Early 2CVs were powered by a 375cc engine that gave the vehicle a top speed of about 60km/h but later models came with a much bigger engine … a whopping 602cc that allowed owners to reach as much as 112km/h.

These days the Citroen 2CV is a cult car and even James Bond has driven one.

Hervey Bay is home to several Citroen 2CVs … perhaps the most prominent is the little blue 2CV that you will see parked outside Paolo’s Pizza Bar down on the Esplanade at Torquay. You can see photos of that Citreon 2CV and read a little more of the history of 2CVs by following the link.

Several other photos of Citroen vehicles that were round Hervey Bay are in the gallery below

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