Dining Out in Hervey Bay this Weekend?

Warm summer nights and a near-full moon make dining out in Hervey Bay this weekend a rather attractive idea so where are you going to go?

Well unfortunately Paolo’s Pizza Bar is off the list … they’re closed till the 10th for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The Raging Bull down on the Esplanade at Torquay might be a good place to try. Now that the Council has cleared all the undergrowth from the foreshore they say that you can get a great view of the water from their restaurant.

Cafe Balaena down at the marina is also a great place to dine of an evening … the view out towards Fraser is spectacular when there’s plenty of moonlight around.

However if you’ve got kids dining out can be something of a drain on your wallet so you might like to consider a very family-friendly cafe that has been around for a few years but most people in Hervey Bay don’t seem to know that it exists.

Hervey Bay Fish n Grill in the small group of shops on the corner of Boat Harbour Drive and Main Street is a lot more than a fish shop. It offers genuine multi-cultural cuisine at prices that won’t break the bank and I can tell you from personal experience that there food is outstanding.

Fish n Grill Hervey Bay
This was the Fijian Style Chicken Curry we had at Fish n Grill last week

If you want early morning coffee … or coffee on the go … then you can’t beat the Deli Bay Cafe and Bean Beat … and if you want coffee and an outstanding view then Enzo’s is the place to be …  all three are on the Esplanade at Scarness.