Surf Was Up in Hervey Bay

Although it was well out to sea … and quite likely to stay there … Tropical Cyclone Freda was making it’s presence felt in Hervey Bay yesterday thanks to the strong swell that it was pushing eastward.

At a little after ten yesterday morning there was a modest shore-break happening up at Scarness as you can see in this photo.

A shore-break in Hervey Bay

And at about the same time quite a bit of water was coming over the sea wall down at Urangan at the southern end of Hervey Bay. Scott Mitchell from Mitchell Real Estate took this photo.

And for those people who seem to think that parking their vehicle on the Esplanade at Urangan where the sea water can splash over it … salt water is corrosive and while it may look like fun it’s something that you will regret later.

Seas out in the Bay up to 1.5 metres are expected today and they may go higher tomorrow.

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