The Big Storm in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay StormThere’s no doubt that Hervey Bay got off lightly as far as damage is concerned when compared to what ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald did to other parts of the Wide Bay.

While wind and rain damaged other parts of the Wide Bay the main problem caused by the big storm in Hervey Bay seems to have been the big seas that the winds whipped up when they combined with the high tides that also arrived.

There has been a considerable amount of erosion along the beach front. The smaller boat ramp at Gatakers Bay has been undermined, there is now a large gap appearing at the land end of the pier at Scarness and there is quite a gap between the walkway alongside the yacht club at Torquay and any land.

Most of the Esplanade from Urangan to Scarness was covered in twigs, branches and a muddy mess (at the Scarness end) that included jelly fish that had been washed in on the waves.

However the most serious damage occurred to our two beachfront cafes. In as post on Facebook yesterday Enzo indicated that the beachfront side of the building that houses his cafe at Scarness had been undermined and further high tides last night and today could cause the building to collapse,

And further down the Esplanade at Torquay the beachfront side of the deck at Aquavue had partially collapsed.

The pictures in the galleries below tell the story of the big storm in Hervey Bay

Photos from the 26th

Gatakers Bay on the 27th

Scarness in the morning and afternoon on the 27th

Torquay in the morning and afternoon on the 27th

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  1. Hi Stuart,

    Your post is much appreciated. Thanks for the latest info in Hervey Bay. We have a property up there and were so relieved to see the situation is not as bad as Bundaberg or the Lockyer Valley.

    Many thanks.

  2. Great pics on your sight.Our hearts go out to people of QLD in flooded areas. We are heading to Hervey bay to buy property .what areas would you think would be best to buy .Thanks

  3. Hi, great photos, could have saved myself a lot of trouble by recommending this site to worried and interested friends, rather than using my photos. Very informative. Thanks

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