Hervey Bay is Cut Off

Hervey Bay stormAt 6am this morning the road from Hervey Bay to Maryborough was still cut by flood waters at several spots and likely to stay that way for the most of the day.

Once that road connection is restored Hervey Bay is still faced with being cut off because the Bruce Highway is cut in numerous places between Maryborough and Cooroy and some of those break-points are likely to remain for days.

When the town has faced similar problems in the past we’ve seen a lot of panic buying as people stock up on the essentials because reserves have always been low. However this time we seem to be in a betting position … at least when it comes to bread supplies.

The manager of one bakery here in town told the Gossip yesterday that they had enough flour etc. to last a week and there was plenty of bread availabe in Woolworths at Eli Waters yesterday.

Unfortunately milk is another matter and that had disappeared of the shelves of the major grocery stores although smaller shops still had some supplies last night.

Perhaps it’s time we heard from our local member … who seems to be missing in action just as our ex-mayor was the last time this happened. Could we hope that our local member might already be letting Brisbane know that the people who elected him here in Hervey Bay and surrounding areas are going to need some supplies up here sooner rather than later?

And then there are the tourists who are stranded here too Ted … they have even fewer resources.

Our airport is open and planes are flying in and out so even if the highway remains closed surely they can get something into us? And of course we’re not the only ones Ted … every major and minor centre north of here is running short of supplies.

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