Going Going Sold!

Once again the old Anchorage Caravan Park site in Hervey Bay has changed hands and this time we might be about to see the land put to some good use.

Hervey Bay water park

The latest reports suggest that the old caravan park has been sold to the same people who own the adjoining empty block in Pulgul Street … the block that Council has approved as being suitable for a water park.

With the additional land included it seems as though Hervey Bay is about to get the biggest water park north of the Gold Coast and it may not be long before it’s up and running. It seems that the various rides will be built in Canada and shipped to Hervey Bay in pieces.

At last we might see something that will be a real tourist attraction.

6 thoughts on “Going Going Sold!”

  1. I’m not sure Steve – I haven’t been down that way since I wrote that piece. I’ve got to head down to the Marina in the morning so I’ll take a look then.

  2. Steve I was there about 9am on Monday … I looked along three sides of the land and there wasn’t single sign that any construction had started.

    There’s a lot of land-clearing that will need to be done before any construction starts and there was no sign of any of that being done.

  3. Hi all, sounds great for the marina , bring it on. The boat harbour is so beautiful and more needs to still be done towards that area we are a holiday area for many vistors and lots of tours, so the more the better. It would have the makings of a beautiful show, and speaking of shows the gossip is one of our long time locals that has been out their with her wonderful hand made art, and likes to encourage all to get involved in a hobby and take it out to markets and shows to help encourage more. I hear that the craft shows are always booked out so time for anouther craft show, im told it will be very differant to other craft shows, every thing is inthe process now im told and it will be big in fact huge tours ate being arranged as well to attend this show to help show their support from other areas to hervey bay, thats great, and lots lots more surprizes to be set in place, as we understand like most of the craft shows by inviation only for the site holders this is im told a huge list as we do have some of the very best artists in australia , but their are many from other areas as well that have placed their name on this list as their intrest to be in and attend these new craft shows. So to that I would say bring it on as im sure it will be booked out, I am sure it will be welcomed by all. All profits from these new craft shows will be going to the local areas in need. So lots of new things happening to be talking about, and its all good for hervey bay. Word is that she sparkles and shines around the bay , known to many, im sure we will hear more about this as the dates for the new craft show are to be set soon.

  4. That’s a pity Stuart, they said it would open this Christmas. Not much chance of this happening now given that there has been no work on the site yet.

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