The Seahaven Development in Hervey Bay

seahaven development hervey bayThese days vacant blocks along The Esplanade here in Hervey Bay are quite rare and when you begin to see land clearing beginning to happen on the biggest empty block it’s almost certain that you’re going to see yet another high-rise development that we really don’t need.

If you’ve driven along the Esplanade in the last week or two that’s probably what you were expecting to see on that big vacant block across the road from Shelly Beach but we’re pleased to report that you’re not about to see another high-rise building.

What you are going to see is Seahaven … a development on land that was acquired by the developer back in 2003 … and when it’s finally completed it will fill that empty block with single-storey villas.

The Seahaven development in Hervey Bay is a $20 million beach villa project that will face The Esplanade but have access from Cyprus Street.

The first stage will offer affordable villas starting from $260,000

Let’s hope that this is just the start of some sensible development along The Esplanade here in Hervey Bay.

3 thoughts on “The Seahaven Development in Hervey Bay

  1. It is a really good position. We would like to see floor plans of 2 bedroom single level
    units. thanks

  2. Hi Don & Lyn

    If you would be so kind as to send me an email – ( with your contact details (phone & email address), then I would be happy to send you the information that you are after.

    Ric King

  3. We would like floor plans and prices of single units. Our phone number is 0741532782. thanks.

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