Two Hervey Bay Hotels

Seeing major work being carried out on two Hervey Bay hotels at the same time is perhaps a little unusual but that’s what’s happening right now.

Work commenced earlier this year on the Beach House Hotel in Scarness and for a while part of the hotel remained open. However it was always the owner’s intention to demolish the entire building and start building something bigger and better from the ground up.

This is the current view from The Esplanade … there’s not much there

Hervey Bay hotels

From the rear though it’s a different story. This framework was going up two weeks ago and now a large wall is appearing that wraps around this corner.

Hervey Bay hotels

Work on the Beach House will continue for the rest of this year and some of 2014 as well.

Meanwhile down in Torquay the Torquay Hotel is also undergoing some renovations and a new section is currently being built on the rear of the building.

Hotels in Hervey Bay

While all this work is undoubtedly a nuisance … a number of parking spaces have gone from Queen Street while the rebuilding of the Beach House continues … it’s definitely a positive sign that suggests that the economic health of the town is improving.

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