Fraser Coast Regional Council Does It Again!

Sometimes you really do have to wonder if the Fraser Coast Regional Council understands that it’s here to serve the residents and businesses of Hervey Bay because, if actions speak louder than words, the Council’s actions show that it obviously doesn’t understand it’s roll at all.

A perfect example of their actions telling the true story is currently unfolding down on the Esplanade at Scarness and has been for the last 8 weeks.

Back on July 14 we reported that some road works were about to start that in the Scarness shopping centre that was designed to “calm the traffic” and and the work would take 6 weeks.

Well here we are at around the 8 week mark and the work has still not been completed … local small businesses are suffering because of the mess, the lives of pedestrians have been put at serious risk and the Council workers appear to have taken a day off today and left us all to fend for ourselves.

Don’t think for a moment that I’m against workers taking their rostered days off … I’m not … but if people’s lives are at risk shouldn’t we expect the Council to get the work done with all possible haste?

It’s not immediately clear why but some of that “traffic calming” work has involved the removal of the only two marked pedestrian crossings in the Scarness shopping centre. What makes that removal even more puzzling is that both crossings were already on top of extended speed humps that definitely slowed the traffic.

But those speed humps didn’t seem to satisfy Council so out they came and the pedestrian crossing and associated signage disappeared with them. Now if you want to cross the road in the Scarness shopping centre you have to brave the traffic and cross wherever you can … and there’s always a lot of traffic and pedestrians in Scarness.

Another Fraser Coast Regional Council stuff-up
They left the posts behind but took the signs away at the crossing opposite the Beach House hotel.

On Saturday there was even more than usual with a mobility scooter parade and the Walk for Daniel on during the morning.

Ok Mr Mayor so how long are you going to allow this dangerous situation to continue? How long are we going to be without at least one marked pedestrian crossing so older people … and children … can cross the busy road safely?

Just think Mr Mayor what the courts and the Council’s insurers would say if some unfortunate pedestrian was injured trying to cross the road in Scarness while the Council mucks around doing what it seems to do best … screw things up and then take forever to fix them.

The liability costs for something like that might make the Wide Bay Water Corporation fiasco look like chump change.

And while you’re thinking about that Mr Mayor perhaps you can find out why the stop sign in Queen Street at the intersection with the Esplanade has been covered up?

Common sense would suggest that if it was important to stop at that intersection when there are no disruptions now that there are disruptions it might be even more important to stop. Or are we ordinary folk … the people you’re supposed to be serving … just not seeing the big picture here?

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