Saving Hervey Bay Beaches

Saving Hervey Bay beachesThe Council is to start shifting sand from around Tooan Tooan Creek at Scarness down to the beach at Pialba today and here are some of the sand hills that have been built up ready to load onto trucks.

Over the last month or so most Hervey Bay beaches have been affected by strong winds and high tides but the beach from Aquavue down to the Surf Club at Pialba has received the most damage and the next big tide could really do some major damage to the foreshore.

At this time of year we often do get some big tides and towards the end of next week we can expect four consecutive days of high tides where the peak will reach or exceed four metres and that means more damage.

If nothing is done it’s quite likely that Aquavue, parts of the caravan park on the beachfront at Pialba and the Surf Club will receive considerable damage.

Unlike the last time Council moved sand from Scarness to Pialba the beach can no longer be used by trucks transporting the sand so over the next 10 days we can expect to see quite a few big trucks rumbling along the Esplanade.

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