Where is the Value in Fraser Coast Opportunities?

In the lead up to the recent Council elections there was some noise generated about the amount of money that the Council was spending on the body known as Fraser Coast Opportunities.

There were some councillors and local residents who thought the money being spent to maintain Fraser Coast Opportunities was waste while there were others who thought the exact opposite.

So what does this body do and is it delivering value for money?

A couple of years before Fraser Coast Opportunities came into being there was a large tourism expo in Sydney. Various regional tourism groups as well as tourist operators exhibited and their displays were seen by thousands of people.

While the Fraser Coast was part of a regional tourism group there was no official representation at that expo and only one local tourist operator, Atlas 4WD Hire attended.

With so little enthusiasm by anyone in this part of the world it was no wonder the Fraser Coast went through a number of lean years when tourist numbers were down. Even at peak times the ‘Vacancy’ signs were up along The Esplanade.

Since Fraser Coast Opportunities was formed this region has been represented at all the major shows and staff from Fraser Coast Opportunities have been continually meeting with media and tourism industry representatives to showcase the Fraser Coast.

Recently Fraser Coast Opportunities hosted 21 media and trade representatives that included people from the UK, Europe, Ireland, Canada, the USA, Brazil and South Africa so that they could experience all the attractions that our region can offer their tourists.

Without that exposure we would still be struggling for tourists instead of seeing increasing numbers of overseas tourists and a forest of ‘No Vacancy’ signs along The Esplanade at peak times.

Fraser Coast Opportunities has done something for this area that no other body has been able to achieve. They are focused on getting the message about this great region out to the world and they should be left to get on with the job because they are bringing valuable tourism dollars into both Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

Fraser Coast Opportunities
: FCO and Kingfisher Bay Resort Group representatives host international media on Fraser Island

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