More King Tides in Hervey Bay

The morning high tides, for the last couple of days here in Hervey Bay, have reached levels that put them into the king tide category. With the wind behind them we’ve seen them reach even higher levels than usual.

The open area adjacent to the Seafront Oval was inundated and there will be something akin to a lake there for several days to come. Down at Scarness the water reached the top of the rock wall behind the beach and at Shelly Beach some seawater managed to reach the roadway thanks to the access ramp at that location.

And of course down at Urangan bigger waves were coming over the seawall in several places.

These photos were taken just after the tide had peaked.

high tide in hervey bay
The beach at Scarness looking towards Pt Vernon
King tides in Hervey Bay
The beach at Scarness looking towards Urangan
Shelly Beach in Hervey Bay
Waves coming up the access ramp at Shelly Beach
Shelly Beach in Hervey Bay looking towards Urangan. The stormwater pipe is usually quite exposed ... even at high tide
Shelly Beach looking towards Urangan. The stormwater pipe is usually quite exposed … even at high tide

Saving Hervey Bay Beaches

Saving Hervey Bay beachesThe Council is to start shifting sand from around Tooan Tooan Creek at Scarness down to the beach at Pialba today and here are some of the sand hills that have been built up ready to load onto trucks.

Over the last month or so most Hervey Bay beaches have been affected by strong winds and high tides but the beach from Aquavue down to the Surf Club at Pialba has received the most damage and the next big tide could really do some major damage to the foreshore.

At this time of year we often do get some big tides and towards the end of next week we can expect four consecutive days of high tides where the peak will reach or exceed four metres and that means more damage.

If nothing is done it’s quite likely that Aquavue, parts of the caravan park on the beachfront at Pialba and the Surf Club will receive considerable damage.

Unlike the last time Council moved sand from Scarness to Pialba the beach can no longer be used by trucks transporting the sand so over the next 10 days we can expect to see quite a few big trucks rumbling along the Esplanade.

Where Did the Beach Go?

high tide in Hervey BayIt’s yet another high tide here in Hervey Bay this morning and you could be forgiven for wondering where the beach at Scarness had disappeared to.

It’s also interesting that the Council chose this time … a period known for its high tides … to work on the Urangan sea wall.

Tomorrow’s high tide … due at 8.59am … will be even higher.

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On The Beach

On a winter’s day when the weather forecast for Hervey Bay is “mostly cloudy” the beach was definitely the place to be.

The beach at Hervey Bay on a warm winter's morning

There were plenty of people walking on the beach on what was really a warm and pleasant morning to be out and about.



Another Great Weekend in Hervey Bay

If you weren’t in Hervey Bay this weekend you certainly missed out on some great weather. It’s almost winter and the nights are getting a little cool but the days are just glorious.

On Saturday afternoon these paddlers weren’t the only ones enjoying time on and in the water.

Paddlers leaving the boat harbour at Urangan

And on Sunday there were plenty of people out and about on the beach.

Beach afternoon in Hervey Bay


Winter in Hervey Bay

Even though we’ve experienced so rather cold days this winter we not seem to be returning to normal. Winter Hervey Bay style means days so warm that you can still go swimming and the beach is a great place to be.

Winter on the beach at Hervey Bay

Yesterday afternoon was definitely warm enough to go swimming,

Autumn on the Beach

It’s hard to believe that it really is autumn here in Hervey Bay but then mornings down on the beach have a timeless quality about them.

An autumn morning on the beach

This morning there was plenty to look at off the beach. Apart from the Fighting Whiting, the barge that’s still out there and the outriggers there were three other vessels moored just off the beach too.