Cars Bikes and The Esplanade Hervey Bay

There’s no doubt that there are times when driving down The Esplanade … especially the very narrow parts of the Esplanade here in Hervey Bay … are a challenge.

Two cars passing down around the Surf Club are a tight squeeze when other cars are parked on both sides of the road. Change one of those cars to a bus and and there can be just millimetres to spare.

Now let’s add in the new one metre rule for passing bikes and things become even harder … and not just in front of the Surf Club.

Something certainly needs to be done about parking and traffic flows along the Esplanade and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Of course the Council won’t do anything unless enough people make a noise about the problem so it’s time to think about signing this online petition.

This is not about cars v bikes or how car drivers are impatient and inconsiderate and bike riders are a pain in the proverbial … so no comments along those lines will be published.

This is about getting Council to do something to save lives so please sign the petition.

House Fire in Hervey Bay

house fire in Hervey Bay

The fire brigade and police attended a house fire in Hervey Bay early yesterday morning.

The old house, in McKean Road Pialba, was well alight by the time the fire brigade arrived around 6.20am. Flames and smoke were visible from the Esplanade and the house, which has been vacant for some considerable time, could not be saved.

At the height of the blaze police evacuated a unit complex next door to the burning house.

house fire in Hervey Bay

There have been suggestions that the fire was deliberately lit and neighbours reported several acts of vandalism in the same street during that night. The Gossip has spoken to one couple who reported noticing a burning smell in the vicinity of the house while they were on their way to work as early at 4.30am.

Expect Delays on the Maryborough Road

road-workIf your travelling on the Hervey Bay to Maryborough Road in the next few days (at least) then you should give yourself some extra time to make the journey.

Right now there’s roadworks on the Hervey Bay side of the Susan River that has reduced the road to just one lane and there are long delays. Today when we made the trip we were held up for 7 minutes.

It appears that the lane closure will also impact traffic at night too so if you’re travelling at night watch out for the traffic controllers. There is lighting in placed for the controllers but you still need to be alert.

Hervey Bay is Cut Off

Hervey Bay stormAt 6am this morning the road from Hervey Bay to Maryborough was still cut by flood waters at several spots and likely to stay that way for the most of the day.

Once that road connection is restored Hervey Bay is still faced with being cut off because the Bruce Highway is cut in numerous places between Maryborough and Cooroy and some of those break-points are likely to remain for days.

When the town has faced similar problems in the past we’ve seen a lot of panic buying as people stock up on the essentials because reserves have always been low. However this time we seem to be in a betting position … at least when it comes to bread supplies.

The manager of one bakery here in town told the Gossip yesterday that they had enough flour etc. to last a week and there was plenty of bread availabe in Woolworths at Eli Waters yesterday.

Unfortunately milk is another matter and that had disappeared of the shelves of the major grocery stores although smaller shops still had some supplies last night.

Perhaps it’s time we heard from our local member … who seems to be missing in action just as our ex-mayor was the last time this happened. Could we hope that our local member might already be letting Brisbane know that the people who elected him here in Hervey Bay and surrounding areas are going to need some supplies up here sooner rather than later?

And then there are the tourists who are stranded here too Ted … they have even fewer resources.

Our airport is open and planes are flying in and out so even if the highway remains closed surely they can get something into us? And of course we’re not the only ones Ted … every major and minor centre north of here is running short of supplies.

The Big Storm in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay StormThere’s no doubt that Hervey Bay got off lightly as far as damage is concerned when compared to what ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald did to other parts of the Wide Bay.

While wind and rain damaged other parts of the Wide Bay the main problem caused by the big storm in Hervey Bay seems to have been the big seas that the winds whipped up when they combined with the high tides that also arrived.

There has been a considerable amount of erosion along the beach front. The smaller boat ramp at Gatakers Bay has been undermined, there is now a large gap appearing at the land end of the pier at Scarness and there is quite a gap between the walkway alongside the yacht club at Torquay and any land.

Most of the Esplanade from Urangan to Scarness was covered in twigs, branches and a muddy mess (at the Scarness end) that included jelly fish that had been washed in on the waves.

However the most serious damage occurred to our two beachfront cafes. In as post on Facebook yesterday Enzo indicated that the beachfront side of the building that houses his cafe at Scarness had been undermined and further high tides last night and today could cause the building to collapse,

And further down the Esplanade at Torquay the beachfront side of the deck at Aquavue had partially collapsed.

The pictures in the galleries below tell the story of the big storm in Hervey Bay

Photos from the 26th

Gatakers Bay on the 27th

Scarness in the morning and afternoon on the 27th

Torquay in the morning and afternoon on the 27th

Surf Was Up in Hervey Bay

Although it was well out to sea … and quite likely to stay there … Tropical Cyclone Freda was making it’s presence felt in Hervey Bay yesterday thanks to the strong swell that it was pushing eastward.

At a little after ten yesterday morning there was a modest shore-break happening up at Scarness as you can see in this photo.

A shore-break in Hervey Bay

And at about the same time quite a bit of water was coming over the sea wall down at Urangan at the southern end of Hervey Bay. Scott Mitchell from Mitchell Real Estate took this photo.

And for those people who seem to think that parking their vehicle on the Esplanade at Urangan where the sea water can splash over it … salt water is corrosive and while it may look like fun it’s something that you will regret later.

Seas out in the Bay up to 1.5 metres are expected today and they may go higher tomorrow.

Wildlife in Hervey Bay

It’s not all that unusual to see kangaroos and wallabies in the residential parts of Hervey Bay. We’ve certainly seen them hopping down Boat Harbour Drive, crossing the Esplanade at Scarness and it other parts of town too.

It’s also not uncommon to find snakes … both poisonous and non-poisonous in the yards of houses in even the most densely populated parts of town. We’ve certainly seen them … and nearly trodden on them.

But until last night we had never seen fox in Hervey Bay … however, about 9.30 last night we spotted one calmly trotting across Torquay Road and disappearing into the Toyota dealer’s car yard.

Dining Out in Hervey Bay this Weekend?

Warm summer nights and a near-full moon make dining out in Hervey Bay this weekend a rather attractive idea so where are you going to go?

Well unfortunately Paolo’s Pizza Bar is off the list … they’re closed till the 10th for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The Raging Bull down on the Esplanade at Torquay might be a good place to try. Now that the Council has cleared all the undergrowth from the foreshore they say that you can get a great view of the water from their restaurant.

Cafe Balaena down at the marina is also a great place to dine of an evening … the view out towards Fraser is spectacular when there’s plenty of moonlight around.

However if you’ve got kids dining out can be something of a drain on your wallet so you might like to consider a very family-friendly cafe that has been around for a few years but most people in Hervey Bay don’t seem to know that it exists.

Hervey Bay Fish n Grill in the small group of shops on the corner of Boat Harbour Drive and Main Street is a lot more than a fish shop. It offers genuine multi-cultural cuisine at prices that won’t break the bank and I can tell you from personal experience that there food is outstanding.

Fish n Grill Hervey Bay
This was the Fijian Style Chicken Curry we had at Fish n Grill last week

If you want early morning coffee … or coffee on the go … then you can’t beat the Deli Bay Cafe and Bean Beat … and if you want coffee and an outstanding view then Enzo’s is the place to be …  all three are on the Esplanade at Scarness.