Is Development Slowing in Hervey Bay?

Back on February 8 Strewth asked if the development bubble had burst here in Hervey Bay, something that the Gossip has been wondering about for some months now. Several times we’ve mentioned that there has been a slowdown for small business here in town and pointed to the slow take up of some commercial developments … Read moreIs Development Slowing in Hervey Bay?

One Man’s Protest in Hervey Bay

As more and more high-rise development takes place along the picturesque Esplanade here in Hervey Bay people are beginning to discover that the White Shoe Brigade still have a grip on the reins of power here in Queensland. One man’s protest at that power that overwhelms the little people has been to paint his house … Read moreOne Man’s Protest in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Town Plan

Ted looks like he’s been taking lessons from the John Howard School for Dealing With Difficult Questions. Well the town plan for Hervey Bay has been approved and the buildings are going to rise higher in some parts of the town. I can understand why some people are already feeling angry about the new plan … Read moreHervey Bay Town Plan

Speaking of Shopping Centre Developments …

Speaking of shopping centre developments in Hervey Bay, whatever happened to the planned developments up at the Centro Plaza? Weren’t we supposed to have an even bigger complex by now? Is it really true that the plans have been with Council for two years and Hervey Bay City Council officers are yet to even look … Read moreSpeaking of Shopping Centre Developments …

Pialba – The Plans Are Breathtaking

Last week Hervey Bay City Council signed off on a $50 million dollar plan to breathe life back into Pialba and details of the plan have now come to hand. The plan includes: Turning Main Street into a four lane road between McLiver Street and Urraween Road Constructing feeder roads across the cattle paddocks between … Read morePialba – The Plans Are Breathtaking

Bones Headed for the Forensic Labs

Bones found on Tuesday at the site of a Colyton Street development are headed for the John Tonge Forensic Centre in Brisbane for testing to see if they are human. The site were the bones were found is claimed by the Aboriginal community as an ancestral grave site but developers say that despite an investigation … Read moreBones Headed for the Forensic Labs

What’s Happening At the Anchorage?

It seems that the Anchorage Caravan Park at Urangan is soon to be cleared out and turned into something quite different. Various rumours are circulating and some suggest that a theatre or even a casino will be built on the site. However the information that we have received via people who may have some idea … Read moreWhat’s Happening At the Anchorage?