Safer Intersection for Hervey Bay

One of the nastiest blackspots on the roads around Hervey Bay is about to be upgraded … but will it be enough?

Speed and red light camera fines are being invested in a $200,000 dollar upgrade of a key Hervey Bay intersection.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Paul Lucas, said the intersection of Booral Road and Main Street would receive a safety makeover as party of a state wide strategy to reduce the road toll.

“The intersection will gain a painted median and a dedicated right turn lane into Main Street, and its being paid for by speeding motorists and red light runners,” Mr Lucas said.

Main Street intersection is one of 77 high priority projects worth more than $46 million approved by the Safer Roads Sooner Ministerial Advisory Committee chaired by Parliamentary Secretary for Main Roads, and Member for Hervey Bay, Andrew McNamara.

“It’s an intersection under considerable pressure with traffic volume using Booral Road and Main Street growing by about 8 percent every year.

“This upgrade will deliver substantial road safety benefits for motorists.

“With Safer Roads Sooner the primary focus is projects with potential to reduce the state’s road toll.

“The committee has targeted projects which will make the biggest impact on road safety,” Mr McNamara said.

In all, a total of 261 projects have been made possible by the Beattie Government’s Safer Road Sooner program since beginning in 2005.

The Road Works Along Boat Harbour Drive Are Now Officially Compete

The $6.2m project to upgrade Boat Harbour Drive between Honiton Street and Lavell Street has been completed, four months ahead of schedule.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads Paul Lucas and Member for Hervey Bay Andrew McNamara today inspected the newly opened works.

Mr Lucas said the upgrade involved replacing the old road surface with asphalt, the widening of each of the intersections within the 2km stretch, a concrete kerb and channelling on the northern side of the road, and the installation of new traffic signals at Robert Street.

“This project was about reducing congestion and improving safety,” Mr Lucas said.

“And it’s great news that local motorists are travelling on the upgraded road well ahead of schedule.”

Member for Hervey Bay Andrew McNamara welcomed the completion of work and said it would make a major difference for residents in the area.

“This is a big boost for locals,” Mr McNamara said.

“Students walking or cycling to the local schools and other pedestrians are much safer now when using the new signalised pedestrian crossing at Robert Street.”

Mr McNamara thanked locals who had experienced detours and road works since the start of the year.

“I thank everyone for their patience and I’m pleased work finished so far ahead of schedule.”

Mr McNamara also made special mention of the local contractor who delivered the work.

“From day one, the contractor Belllero Constructions made sure they had the equipment, materials and workforce on site ready to go, which played a big part in getting motorists onto this upgrade ahead of schedule,” he said.

Mr Lucas said the Boat Harbour Drive works were just one of the road projects being undertaken in HerveyBay this financial year.

Grid Lock at the Roundabout

So the new traffic lights on Boat Harbour Drive near the Main Street intersection were turned on today. I seem to recall that we were assurred that they would not hinder the flow of traffic on the Main Street roundabout.

Even Blind Freddy could have seen that as an unavoidable outcome after the lights were positioned so close to the roundabout. And of course every time a pedestrian uses the lights to cross Boat Harbour drive traffic in all directions on the roundabout comes to standstill.

Well done Hervey Bay City Council – I’m sure somebody needed a University degree to not see that mess happening as soon as the lights were installed.

Instant traffic chaos many times a day and all at the push of a button.

The Goat Track is to be Upgraded

That’s right – further work will be carried out on the Maryborough – Hervey Bay Roa, within the Hervey Bay City area with funding provided in the State budget.

The work will include duplication and rehabilitation of sections of Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road in Hervey Bay City to accommodate growth in traffic and the development occurring on the outskirts of the city and within the urban and commercial environs at a total estimated cost of $31.8 million.

Just When You Thought That It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

… I hate to tell you that it is.

Yes folks the mess that never seems to end at the intersection of Boat Harbour Drive and Main Street is set to get worse.

Premier Peter Beattie announced yesterday that the intersection of Boat Harbour Drive and Main Street here in Hervey Bay has been added to the state’s Safer Roads Sooner scheme. $60,000 has been allocated for the resurfacing of the intersection to improve safety “espcially in wet weather”.

What a thing to look forward to 🙁

New Traffic Lights on Boat Harbour Drive

New traffic lights are being installed on Boat Harbour Drive Pialba between the Main Street intersection and the entrance to the Centro Shopping Plaza carpark.

You will need to exercise some caution as you approach the site because two lanes of traffic is being quickly condensed into just one with very little warning.

The lights being installed are for pedestrians but the site chosen does raise some questions about traffic flow. It’s quite close to the Main Street intersection and it could be that traffic stopped at the lights will bank up back across the intersection.

Only time will tell.

The Menace of All These Roadworks

Once again a drive around Hervey Bay is turning into a rather time consuming affair as more and more roads become blocked due to roadworks.

Obviously Boat Harbour Drive needed to be upgraded and just as obviously the only way to do it was to close parts of it to traffic but yesterday it all became a little silly when the posted detour for the now closed Ann Street intersection was also blocked by roadwork.

There is also a considerable amount of work going on at the intersection of Denmans Camp Road and Colyton Street and that has reduced the traffic flow to one very narrow lane.

And of course there is also the continuing work along the Esplanade down at Urangan.