The Jets Are Here and a Jet Boat is Coming to Hervey Bay

Imported from 30 July 2005 Yesterday was the day Hervey Bay ventured into the jet age. Until now Sunshine Coast Express and their faithful Short turbo props have been flying into town three to four times a day and they still do. Yesterday though the big guys in the form of Virgin Blue and Jet … Read moreThe Jets Are Here and a Jet Boat is Coming to Hervey Bay

High Rise Hell

Imported from 25 May 2005 Trouble continues to brew as more and more people become concerned about the possibility that Hervey Bay will soon begin to resemble the Gold Coast as high rise buildings spring up along the water front. A recent meeting of concerned citizens failed to dispel the disquiet. Few people who attended … Read moreHigh Rise Hell


Imported from 25 May 2005 Everyone needs to exercise and the older you are the more important it becomes to exercise. Of course, thinking about it and actually doing it are two different things but there comes a time when you just have to get out and start. Walking is probably the best form of … Read moreHealth