Retail Lease Legislation

Everyone knows that right now retail businesses are struggling and you don’t have look far in Hervey Bay to see vacant shops that were once thriving retail outlets.

As conditions have steadily got worse it’s often been the lease conditions that have meant the difference between closing the doors or battling on and that difficult situation that many small retailers find themselves in.

As sales drop it becomes harder and harder to pay the rent and at a time when landlords … especially those in major shopping centres … should be more understanding many have refused to consider reducing rents and have even gone so far as to increase rents when it came time to renegotiate a lease.

Now the state government is reviewing the retail leasing legislation … the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 … that was initially introduced to address a power imbalance between shopping centre landlords and small retail tenants.

The Attorney General is urging Queensland retail tenants, landlords and other stakeholders to have some input into the review and anyone who does want to have their say should start by downloading the discussion paper that’s available at

Comments will be received until 30 January 2012.