The Cost of Doing Business in Hervey Bay

Yesterday we had an interesting chat with one of the owners of a rather successful small business here in Hervey Bay.

He and his wife came to Hervey Bay and started their business from scratch and after a lot of hard work it has grown to the point where they are looking for new premises so that they can grow even more.

To their horror they have found that the cheapest industrial premises they can rent in Hervey Bay that will suit their business will cost them $1200 a week … and that’s just for the empty building.

So they’ve been looking outside of the region and they’ve found another suitable building on the Gold Coast for $400.00 a week … and that includes most of the fittings they will need for their business.

It seems that they won’t be in Hervey Bay much longer and it makes you wonder just how many other small businesses Hervey Bay is missing out on because of the high rents that landlords and agents seem to think that businesses can afford to pay here in town.